The history version of procyclinggame aims to get you through the off-season months by reliving past seasons. The concept is the same as that of ProCyclingGame, with some key adjustments because the results are already known. The game is therefore more strategy than prediction, but nonetheless very challenging!

How does it work?

The game starts on the 30th of June 2020 and ends on the 1st of August 2020. During this time, races between 1988 and 2020 are on the calendar, one season per day (this is different from the first series of HistoryGame, where we played one season per week). Before June 30 you can assemble your team while rider prices remain fixed. When the game starts, the price of a rider goes up with € 500,- after every purchase and &euro,- down after every sale. You can earn prizemoney and you can earn profits on transfers.


If your rider finishes in the top-10, you earn prizemoney. To collect the prizemoney, you need to have the rider on your team before the start time of the race, which is 4 hours before the finish of every race. Important note, the original results are taken as reference, so for example Lance Armstrong scores 7 times the Tour de France prize in the game.

Prize table 1. Results

Grand tours
WorldTour GC /


Buy riders

If your cash position allows it and you have less then 15 riders on a team, you can buy a rider. You can buy riders at anytime of the day, also during races.

Sell riders

You can sell riders to free up cash to buy other riders. When you sell a rider you have to pay a salestax. This salestax is a percentage of the value of the rider at the moment of selling. The longer you have the rider on your team, the lower the transaction costs. The salestax starts at 5% and decreases linearly in 5 days.

How are riders valued?

Riders have a baseprice at the start of the game, these remain fixed throughout the game.

Differences with ProCyclingGame

There are some differences compared to ProCyclingGame, these are the main ones.

  • € 500,- instead of € 50,- increase in rider price after purchase.
  • 5-day salestax period instead of 10 days